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Upload your photos

To have a comment appear for your photo...

simply rename it with the comment as the filename - Before You Upload it
e.g. rename "dsc0001.jpg" to "frinton in the summer .jpg"
To rename a file, click the browse button below, then when you find your photo
Right click on it, and select rename from the menu, help image
then type the name you want to give the file
(make sure if there was .jpg at the end to type .jpg at the end of your new name)

If you don't want to rename it thats fine too.

Keep you photo's to below 2048X1536 and they should upload
Try picasa out if you need to change photo's quickly.
(picasa's export function at 1024 75% should be OK)

Please note - all photo's will be checked before they appear in the gallery.

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in 2 minutes (this is to help prevent spam)

By uploading an image you agree to allow Frinton.org to publish the image.
Please only upload images for which you own the copyright.

File types allowed: jpg, JPG
File size limit: 2 MB

Help Image for renaming a file.
screen shot











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